5 days in Swedish Lapland

When you are an exchange student in Stockholm, it’s quite easy to take the plane to Kiruna, the capital of the Swedish Lapland. And I had no idea that this trip will be one of the best adventures in my life…

We visited the small city of Kiruna and its magnificent church called Kyrka and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. The next day, we decided to stay with Taube Activity, a local family from Kiruna. Henrik, the father, took us in the city and after we drove snowmobiles in order to reach the mysterious camp. 10 km of snowmobile with a beautiful view, as you can imagine, it was awesome!

We arrived (alive) at the camp and Ivan, the son, cooked moose (de l’élan) with vegetables. And, I LOVED IT! The moose meat is delicious. After this great lunch, we had to cut your own wood to warm our little house. There was no electricity and no running water. We also had to take the water of the lake in order to survive!

After these activities, we enjoyed a barbecue in a hut. We ate sausages with fried onions and puree, a simple Swedish meal. To finish the day in the best way, we did some sauna before sleeping.


The second day, we experienced cross-country skiing and even rifle shooting.

We also visited the famous ice hotel, an hotel made entirely by ice and built again every year, because obvioulsy, the ice melts. Each room is done by a different artist and the result is absolutely breathtaking.

The Ice Hotel


The last two days, we did dogsled and it was really dangerous. I felt down once and we ploughed into the monitor in front of us by accident. But Husky were so beautiful, I forgot my pain.





But we were quite desperate because we did not see the Northern lights during the first days and it was the purpose of this trip. Finally, the nature hears our praises and we saw them! The Kp (indice to know the geomagnetic indice level) was at its highest point since a decade: at 8! The Northern lights could be seen even in Paris! And, by chance, we were in the north of Sweden.

The Northern lights


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